Sunday, November 20, 2011

my 3 year relationship is over... with Fashion School

all over and done. slightly weird to be honest. will miss the fashion school kids. been with them for 3 long hard years. through the good times and the bad, the late nights and early mornings. from 1st year presentations where noone wanted to go first to the 3rd year fights over who goes first. its been a magic ride. its been fun. and super glad i didnt quit even though i was sooo tempted.

Had our fashion show on friday night. was fun, but a lot of hard work went into it. the lead up week was crazy chaos!

Thanks to my wonderful models and my sister- my photographer and a model :)

here are some pics of my exhibition space and the show.

My Exhibition space

My Exhibition space
Sarah of Ali McD models
Melissa of Ali McD models

Deborah, Abby, Melissa, Courtney and Sarah of Ali McD models

Deborah, Abby, Melissa, Courtney and Sarah of Ali McD models and Me!

Friday, November 4, 2011

untill we meet again

just like that its all over. well not totally over. but all my outfits, shoes, jewellery and lookbook is handed ready to be marked. presentation was yesterday. its a bit exciting to see all my hard work together in a line up. but sad at the same time. thinking that this is it. there is no more. i shall have to keep sewing though otherwise i will go crazy! just going to be organising the runway show on the 18th of this month till then. heres a sneek peek at my collection...