Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Princess Tiara

My new (2 weeks ago) external harddrive needs a name. 
all my USB sticks have names. i enjoy naming them. it makes me try harder not to loose them.cos they have a name and a personality. well that makes me sound nutty, not personalities just ah. i dont know how to explain it. i have Black Beauty, Evangaline, Button Face, Pickle Jar and another one which is lost... because it doesnt have a name!
Craig has a sweet program which changes the image of the USB to any image you choose... its fun!

Its her name is now Princess Arabella. but now she needs a picture to go with her name. which is the hard bit. i cant decide. the image will only be about a cm square... and needs to look good. hmm these are my options for now, until i find a better one i like.