Saturday, August 27, 2011

and then it snowed some more...

it snowed. and then it snowed some more. it was awesome! i totally love snow. except when im actually trying get somewhere. i went home on Friday night for the weekend, an 80min drive north. it snowed Saturday night. and it kept on snowing! the local schools had a snow day on the Monday and no buses were going, same with Tuesday  but i needed to get to Dunedin for class! i managed to get a ticket for Thursday! and there was still snow on the way down! i managed to get to Dunedin nearly a week after id left! whoops. missed a whole lot of class... and had lots a catching up to do! ah well. it was fun to make snow angels!

these pics are of Saturday night in my garden when the snow began...

back garden

Back garden

Front garden

Front view