Friday, March 25, 2011

new idea...

i was looking through we heart it for typography and quotes for tech. but now i look back i think i got a little distracted and im not sure what i was there for in the first place. huh. whoops. anyway... this eventually led me to  a blog... What I Wore which is an amazing idea. i love that she has photos of herself each day! and she is so well dressed all the time! this has prompted me to do the same, minus an image of me. so today...

when; 24th march

hoodie by Banksy
Jeans by Levis
boots from Wildpair
Bracelet from Craig
Pearl earrings for my 18th.

where; just bumming around doing techwork and at tech for a bit.

why; well to be honest my other jeans were in the wash and i havent worn these jeans for ages. and i love my Banksy hoodie, and i am totally in love with my new(ish) boots that are super comfortable and look awesome! have had many comments on them! and i dont ever take my bracelet off or my earring out, they are both very special to me.
kinda like these but grey.

on the front of my hoodie

my sweet boots! with coloured insides!